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Service Description

一、Service definition

n 1.1 After sales service scope:

Application in the project the company self-produced and purchasing products, including information release meeting management software, reservation systems, broadcast control box, integrated advertising machine, purchasing integration auxiliary equipment (including streaming media encoder, network camera, LED LCD TV, etc.), including hardware maintenance, software maintenance, software upgrades and other.

n 1.2 Service providing mode:

Can provide telephone consultation and other remote, or on-site service; in principle, the priority of remote settlement; remote can not solve the problem according to the situation of choice to return to the factory or home service:

① Information release system, meeting scheduled system and other system failure to provide paid home services (except contract agreement);

②Play controller will be returned to plant maintenance (except contract agreement);

③ Advertising one machine priority to provide accessories with the replacement, in the case of replacement parts still can not be resolved, in principle, to return to the plant maintenance (except the contract agreement);

For the purchasing of integrated auxiliary devices (including streaming media encoder, network camera, LED LCD TV, etc.) by its manufacturers to provide after-sales service, the best network to assist the use of manufacturers to ensure that the quality of service.


n 1.3 Warranty period:

Used in the project of software and hardware products are available in a certain period of warranty (whichever is the warranty period in the contract); warranty only within the warranty period for the product itself quality problems; warranty period products from the date of delivery or delivery date.


n 1.4 Paid maintenance service:

Within the warranty period of the non quality problems or warranty failure to provide paid services; non quality problems include man-made damage, use or improper maintenance, lightning / flooding / fire house factors caused by the fault, with specific reference to the manufacturer's instructions and information; for playback control box, good network can bear the rework process of one-way transportation costs.


二、Fault diagnosis


n 2.1 Fault form

Fault is generally expressed as the application environment, the operation of the use of errors, quality problems of the three categories.

a\ The outstanding performance of the application environment for the network is unreasonable, unreasonable, and so on;

b\ The operation error is concentrated on a blue screen, no signal, but not connected to a network server, etc.;

c\ The quality problem is the result of too much noise, and so on.

Note: the quality problem of the responsible party lies in the supplier; the other two kinds of problems mainly lies in the use of party;


n 2.2 Fault diagnosis process

(1)Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting:

Operation requirements: this stage to the system management personnel or IT Commissioner, mainly including field testing and management background view combination.

The first step: priority to exclude the application of environmental factors, including the normal power, network, network, cable / power line / data line connected to the appropriate and good quality;

Second step: recognize the symptoms of failure, refer to the best network company documents, DMS common fault diagnosis and treatment measures for the investigation process, to confirm the fault of the attributes and categories;

The third step: if you encounter a difficult or complex problems, you can contact the telephone network 400-000-8131 technical support, better network engineers to guide the field staff to conduct further investigation and diagnosis of operation, until the recognition problem;


(2)Fault treatment measures:

 Operating principle:Failures include software or hardware problems, software problems or remote repair hardware problems directly to the processing, generally not more than 24 hours; for hardware problems can not be repaired with parts replacement in the field or the whole depot repair.


Matters needing attention:

• Pre service must pass through the network technical engineer to confirm the fault;

• Make sure that the information is attached to the fault information, and indicate the contact and telephone number, otherwise it may affect the processing time;


、Charge standard

n 3.1 Charge standard during the warranty period

Applicable to the warranty period of the contract outside the requirements of customer service:

City: The total cost of =500 yuan / person / day

Outside: Total cost = travel expenses+accommodation fee+500 yuan / person / day

 Note: only the city of Beijing and Shanghai city.

n 3.2 Product warranty period maintenance service charges

 Suitable for on-site service and warranty machine replacement parts and equipment depot repair case

1、In principle, back to the factory maintenance, shipping back and forth by the customer;

2、Do need to come to service, collect fees, all travel expenses borne by the customer:

City: The total cost of =500 yuan / person / day

Outside: Total cost = travel expenses+accommodation fee+500 yuan / person / day

n 3.3 Maintenance tariff standards (accessories, etc.) to the market price as the standard.

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