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High-end Huilding Real-time Monitoring Of Indoor Air Quality


Good network horizon AQMS200 real-time monitoring system is mainly used in indoor air quality to establish dynamic monitoring system of indoor air quality, multi-point detection, remote transmission, real-time display function as one, through precision sensors for dust particles, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, TVOC testing data, using digital wireless transmission technology, real-time data acquisition, remote to send, big data processing, real-time display terminal, push analysis report, and many other functions. All the real-time detection data can be updated once per minute, using daily air quality data analysis, timely feedback to air purification effect, and make customers to continuously monitor improvement indoor air quality.


一、 The system structure

Indoor air quality real-time monitoring and control system topology structure as shown in the figure below, the whole system is composed of two subsystems: air monitoring subsystem and information subsystem, such as do not use the function of information release, only need to deploy the air monitoring subsystem, it can operate independently. System functions of the main modules are as follows:




1、 Air monitoring probe

Collection dust particles, temperature and humidity, CO2, TVOC and other sensors measurement module, can simultaneously detect the indoor air dust particle (PM2.5 and PM10) mass concentration, concentration of CO2, TVOC six air quality parameters such as concentration and temperature and humidity, it also can be customized to carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen and other measurements, measurement of object is rich.

Data transmission mode diversity, support of RS485 connection cable, or 433 / WIFI/GPRS wireless connection, according to the different USES of the site of the project actual environment different ways of data transmission.

Indoor surveillance cameras installed on each floor condole supports, such as the power cord inside condole top, similar to the household to absorb dome light, beautiful fashion. And fixed tray and probe principal part, through the card buckle fixed, very easy to install and replace.

 Indoor surveillance cameras can be installed in the temperature - 10 ℃ to 50 ℃, relative humidity within 0 ~ 95% without condensation environment. For outdoor air quality monitoring data, it is recommended that the can from indoor through pipes, extraction of outdoor air. Or separately installed dustproof, waterproof, sunscreen, windproof probe protection case, namely the graphic type outdoor air surveillance cameras.

Monitoring probe strong scalability, can local embedded docking panel box (86) or mobile phone APP to display and Settings, can also access control partner cooperate with fresh air and air purification equipment in equipment linkage. System can docking platform purification equipment such as honeywell, Shanghai sheng jie or fresh air system.

Support the MODBUS communication protocol, can be directly building control system, with a third party report all air quality parameters of the probe test.


2、 Air monitoring server

Public cloud server, the user can also set up their own physical server. Platform for BS architecture that allows users through any desktop computer to manage and monitor the server.

Centralized management of nationwide air monitoring probe, view or configure probe setup time, installation location, belong to the administrator, whether online, probes the historical data, etc.

Centralized management of nationwide air quality display terminal, view or configure display terminal setup time, installation location, belong to the administrator, whether online, bind probe data, according to the template, screenshots, and so on.

Real-time monitoring the probe test data, when equipment failure or abnormal data, by means such as E-mail, SMS notification facility manager, in order to timely to after-sales maintenance of related equipment, guarantee the stability of air purification effect.

Means such as via email or SMS periodically send each device administrator device status and air quality data report, reduce administrator workload.

Can see the country or a region's air quality data, visual display by satellite cloud image, and auxiliary by history data, so that an overall evaluation of indoor air purification effect, quickly locate the influencing factors on the quality of the air, and then puts forward the more targeted environment solutions.

User query by mobile phone APP or WeChat public, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other places of indoor air quality data. Or cooperate with the third party such as hotel reservation website, so that the tenant before booking hotel room air comfort of the hotel can understand, improve the tenant for the hotel service satisfaction.


3、 Air quality show

Professional full hd LCD display equipment, appearance fashion and easy, size and structure of shape can be customized. Usually placed in the hall, such as the elevator traffic was larger area, according to air quality parameters, enterprise publicity materials and dynamic information, etc.

Full screen real-time dynamic display monitor probe test data, including PM2.5 and PM10, CO2, TVOC, six air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, and compare to the outdoor sensor to collect data, display of indoor air purification effect. As shown in the figure below, shows the effect can customize according to different customers.




Can display the weather forecast, vehicle restrictions, convenient information urgent notice.

Through the dock with the information release subsystem, display terminal in addition to the real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, also can be used as a display window of propaganda of foreign enterprises and real-time release enterprise publicity materials and dynamic information efficiently. The diagram below is one of the successful cases for the customer, the whole screen consists of two districts, the part of the enterprise publicity materials for the customer, the customer can pass information subsystem regular updates, the following part for air quality real-time testing data and convenient information.




二、 System features

1、 Using the latest testing technology for PM2.5 and PM10, CO2, TVOC, air quality, temperature, humidity and so on six kinds of key parameters, test results accurate and efficient.

2、Monitoring sensor installation and maintenance is simple, cost-effective products, facilitate the widespread deployment.

3、 Monitoring probe transmission, storage and display terminal through the server data, display the data content and format can be dynamic configuration.

4、 The daily information publishing system in the building and air quality monitoring system combined effectively, meet various purposes, realize multi-purpose one screen at a time.

5、 All air quality parameters real-time reporting and save in server, convenient for further statistical analysis.





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