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Conference Scheduled Management Application


1 . Application background

With several conference rooms lack of unified scheduling, can not know the state, problems often occur in a meeting in. Meeting scheduled management system can easily be scheduled and anytime, anywhere to check the status of the meeting room, etc..

2 . System overview

(1) BS architecture, support can be on the computer web login appointment, you can view the company any meeting room booking;

(2) participants can also call at any time to check or receive notification message or message;

(3) support and access control and credit card docking;

(4) support conference attendance function;


 3 . Deployment mode

Support information release + scheduled management (full set of programs) or information release +OA docking (software middleware custom development or standard interface for access to data, etc.)


4 . Conference room door


(1) deployed in the conference room door, can display the current time reservations and one day all the predetermined information; can define three state (current, on the same day, no reservation under) display content format and switching mode.

(2) can choose more than one style (embedded or attached to the wall hanging type), 10-21 inch can be a total of choice, type (touch or non touch);

(3) display style and layout can be designed, display content can be customized, such as the name of the meeting, meeting time, scheduled people, participants, logo, conference room name, time, weather, etc.;



(4) all meeting rooms are scheduled to release the information, the deployment in the public areas such as the front desk, lobby, corridors, etc.;



(5) a number of meeting rooms can be turned or page display;

(6) can be integrated with the standard information release and business applications (conference scheduled release);

(7) support for custom terminal interface layout and display mode;

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