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Multimedia information publishing systems - Standard Edition

Listing Date: 2016-05-25

Multimedia information publishing systems - Standard Edition

Good network dms100 multimedia information management system using C / S architecture, the client and the terminal mode, through advanced digital coding and transmission technology, video audio signal, pictures, text, and scrolling subtitles and other multimedia information is transmitted through the network platform to play control terminal, to achieve high-quality playback and perfect presentation, network remote monitoring, management and program editing, publishing and other functions.


6 Features Of DMS Platform Software




DMS Platform Software 6 Major Functions


System Function

l Play control management:

l Specific to a terminal play control management

l Can support MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, H.264 format of the source of the video playback

l Can support JPG, BMP, GIF and other formats of the picture playback

l Text playback can support TXT text mode (can be configured with a background image or sound)

l Network program automatic update: support for the automatic comparison of the program updates

l Spot management: spots support video and picture and text mode etc.

l Scrolling Subtitles: support for text scrolling, and font, color adjustment

l Split screen display function

l MP3 play function

l Software online upgrade function

Suitable Industry

l Group enterprise internal information release

l The control and management of the network information release of the government administrative organ

l Financial industry network information release management

l Large scale electronic video advertisement publishing operation management

l Electronic information release management of all kinds of traffic system platform

l All kinds of professional shop, business hall electronic information release management

l All kinds of large communities, commercial buildings, cinemas, public places and other outlets information management

System Characteristics

l Integration using client + terminal mode,

l Embedded design

l The terminal uses embedded design, stable and reliable

l Can play a variety of video formats

l Support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or H.264 local files and streaming media player

l Can play a variety of audio formats

l Supported audio formats include MP3, AC3, LPCM, ADPCM, WMA9 (to be authorized), HDCDaudio, AAC-LC2.0, etc.

l Flexible management and control

l It can manage the terminal group and partition, also can realize the remote management and remote control through the network.

l User rights management

l Do not limit the level of multi-level management, and users can function, partition authority management, to achieve the user to add, delete, set different management rights to different users

Network characteristics

l Support all existing IP networks, support TCP, UDP, HTTP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP and other transmission protocols,

l The program is simple and easy to operate.

l Information broadcast is flexible and diverse

l To set the broadcast information (audio and video), rolling subtitles and other ways to release information, but also according to the needs of users to develop targeted information

l Multiple audit authority

l According to the system and the user's needs, set up their own material management and program management of the audit mechanism and audit authority.

l Easy to use and management

l User interface is friendly, easy to operate.


System advantage

l Professional management platform - specifically for advertising and management tailored;

l Monitoring function - advertisement broadcast real-time monitoring

l Information at any time release, more advantage and more professional, is the new generation of multimedia information release system.

l A real-time video and audio, pictures, subtitles and other multimedia information, timely updates.

l Support network management control, the system can be hundreds of thousands of network multimedia network video terminal unified management.

l Implementation of intelligent multimedia player can be edited and broadcast.

l Play a variety of formats of media, such as: MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (DVD), MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, H.264.

l Can support local playback, not because of the line fault and interrupt broadcast.

l With the static of the traditional public information card or posters, the system shows more vivid, saving resources and space at the same time to be fully utilized.

l Has the characteristics of clear display for different display devices, but also can give full play to the technical advantages of high-definition digital information display.

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