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Good is the world's largest net horizon - 84 Inch Touch advertising machine

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Release date: 2016-05-26
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Good network horizon has years of experience in research and development, a number of high-quality R & D personnel, always walk in the forefront of the industry, leading advertising machine industry entered the era of the big screen, now launched the world's largest touch advertising machine, 84 inch touch one machine.


The touch integrated machine product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, practicality, easy maintenance and expansibility.

A、 Appearance: exclusive drawing arc frame profile, embedded white metal line, let the whole machine elegant fashion; laser engraving Logo Button, clear and concise, never fade;

B、Practical, easy maintenance: PC keys and TV keys separately, separate control; extension USB, wireless receiving no longer by shielded metal, both remote control and wireless WiFi or wireless keyboard mouse, freely used within a range of 5 meters; installation on Embedded PC box, that is practical and easy to maintenance;

C、 Excelstor: PC box equipment graphics card and CD-ROM holes, customers can upgrade to achieve an easy job to do;

二、 Industry application

1、Business Conference on computer screen and touch TV synchronous display content, so that each participant can be in a variety of applications in (such as PowerPoint, Excel, word, PDF and notebook, etc.) and use a pen or finger for writing and commentary and save, every participants attracted. Wonderful way of expression, so that the demonstration more attractive.

2、Graphic design radically improved the traditional product design drawings modification work, explaining the designer can use different color and thickness of pens and changing the picture color and transparency will display each section, and then use the powerful supporting software DRAWVIEW use magnifying glass function will present a subtle angle to the front of everyone. Communication is more intuitive, so as to speed up the production process, improve work efficiency.

3、 Teaching and training schools and various training institutions to choose, you can make the boring teaching courses more relaxed and interesting, can join a variety of multimedia resources, the use of a variety of functions to enhance the student's memory. Can be directly transferred to the video images, or directly to the Internet browsing and call related information. Selection screen screen function to conduct on-site testing, you can also record the course of the image data, making learning easier. 4, the media program by the world's television media industry's favor, especially in the news broadcast, sports events, weather forecast and live interactive entertainment programs in a wide range of applications. The touch of a finger to pull the screen.

4、Cloud pictures or live camera. At the same time can be used to enrich the resources of the IOARD library image information, maps and dynamic icons of the country to make a small game in the entertainment program and the audience interaction, so that all people can interact at any time to exchange the charm of science and technology.

5、Advertising display the traditional scrolling advertising model is changed into a vivid, interesting interactive advertising, let advertising one-way two-way interaction, illustrations, interspersed with lively interactive games, let the audience more impressive. Particularly suitable for cities in Chengkou district and large shopping mall, hotel, building elevator mouth, bus, subway, airport, such as the flow of people high places. Can release, discount information, introduce the characteristics and promotion information in entertainment, fitness, shopping malls, supermarkets and other, can be in the park attractions ---- Park, tourist attractions, the cultural and historical sites placed advertising machine, can send local introduction, attractions, restaurants and services, you can put ads in mobile, Telecom, China Unicom and other telecommunications industry terminal, so that consumers are free to query or handle the relevant business.

6、Military deployment to meet the special needs of the military industry. Touch the CMO ultra clear interactive display products are daily combat simulation sand table exercise for many domestic and foreign military organization, strategic analysis, command and control or each time the deployment of the meeting. Even if Tuyu changes or objective conditions needed to adjust the scheme can also be timely simulation position draw various March route were analyzed and discussed, from selected the best strategy, more efficient to complete the military deployment.

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Good network horizon has years of experience in research and development, a number of high-quality R & D personnel, always walk in the forefront of the industry, leading advertising machine industry entered the era of the big screen, now launched the world's largest touch advertising machine, 84 inch touch one machine.一、FunctionalThe touch integrated machine product has the characteristics...
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