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Beijing Metro

Date: 2016-05-29
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In the subway has become the main means of transport for people's travel, how to timely, accurate and convenient transfer complex station information, while taking into account the economic effect becomes problem to be solved the Beijing subway and the public transportation industry. JIAWEL digital signage products of successful application in the Beijing No. 10, 14 subway, across the board more than 1000 display terminal to realize network and background to the management of log can be on an arbitrary set of remote control, through DMS200 system platform for convenient and quickly transfer all kinds of information; JIAWEL have the ability of second development to customers in the process of informatization of potential new demand.


JIAWEL hanging advertising machine in Beijing subway station and the aisle wide application. High quality display technology [1920*1080 Full HD resolution, 500 brightness, 5000 contrast, 89/89/89/89 (L/R/U/D) full view perfect to meet the actual needs of passengers far away (more than 3 meters) to watch. From the figure can see: smooth and clear picture display, support screen is arbitrarily divided into different regions; system platform support management personnel through the remote network control terminal, timely convenient to release news and information, train information, real-time meteorological information, in save manpower and enhance the station information management and service level.


Inch wall hanging type advertising machine JIAWEL42 deployed in the subway station on the entry and entrance, as an innovative application convenient forms of media, the implementation of the split screen display: on the top of the display fixed show entrance text message; substantially below the screen is used to take turns to play station high clear map, station commercial institutions, commercial advertising higher content. Display color rich and full, not only to meet the needs of passengers to observe the near distance, but also to meet the needs of advertisers to display products. If there is an accident outside the exit, the control center staff can operate by remote, the corresponding prompt information can be immediately appeared on the corresponding advertising screen.


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