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2010 World Expo, Shanghai

Date: 2016-05-29
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2010 Shanghai World Expo grand opening on both sides of the Huangpu River, the world's urban civilization and scientific and technological progress in this brilliant focus. JIAWEL network advertising machine to convey the theme of the Expo, the results show the achievements of human civilization, the important mission of the transfer of the park service information. In the park every day, more than 100 venues have a large amount of information needs to display, advertising machine is required to have many access modes of 3G, ADSL, WiFi network, and to be able to within 1 minute to complete screen free partition. These are the information release platform and display the terminal's technical performance is very high challenge.


Aurora pavilion's theme is "Chinese jade culture, the new urban style", in addition to the show at the scene of jade and jade treasures real, the museum is still in the exhibition hall to install the multimedia advertising inch dozens of JIAWEL42, used to play around the world jade treasures. JIAWEL advertising machine is not only the appearance of the perfect atmosphere, exquisite workmanship, and the picture shows clear and smooth, full of color. Aurora chose it as the jade true image and information transmission Messenger, let the audience in 20 minutes a taste of the 80 years of Chinese jade culture, perfect to show Chinese jade elegant and effectively spread the Chinese civilization.


Popular venues (such as Japan, the Netherlands, etc.) in import and export, waiting area, rest area, stream of people gathering place large erect JIAWEL65 inch multimedia advertisement machine, from the background to the form of wireless communication through the display terminal to the audience transfer theme venues, customs, venues dynamic real condition, real-time weather, pay attention to matters, emergency notification and other series of information, do information efficient, quiet and elegant communication, resolve the audience queuing boring mood; in the saving of human resources at the same time, enhance the Expo venue of information management and service level, to ensure that the Convention and exhibition of the orderly, efficient organized.


Expo organizers use JIAWEL digital signage products as the main carrier of information release, to achieve the stream of people to guide and information transmission. Meet visitors COSCO distance viewing the actual demand of technology standards of Expo Park large number of erected a 65 inch advertising wall: 1920 * 1080 Full HD resolution, 500 brightness, contrast is 5000, 89/89/89/89 (L/R/U/D a full perspective; liquid crystal display terminal + play box system architecture is stable, simple operation, convenient maintenance, traffic guide, real-time weather, campus navigation information convenient quick release, enhance the management and service level of the Expo information.

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