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Shanghai InterContinental Hotel image display system

Date: 2016-05-29
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In profound changes in the process of internationalization of hotel industry, the Intercontinental Hotel by JIAWEL multimedia information publishing system is an important sub-system of the hotel information management system, undertake to the guest information transmission of public service, hotel business information. More than 60 multimedia advertising machines to the hotel's local area network to become the brand information platform for the terminal unit. DMS system not only for the hotel to provide the function of multimedia information, can also be used as a hotel digital indication screen and digital room quoteprice display system; lifting live off of the humanity of consumer experience, to enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the hotel.


In the lobby, elevator, corridors, and other places layout JIAWEL multimedia advertisement machine, by the management center in real time at the end of each release services and guidance information: such as of the daily news, real-time meteorological and air quality; the hotel, guest room information, map display characteristic service; spots of emergency notification; carousel commercial advertising. Advertising machine application to create a zero distance from the "digital communication window", added to the entertainment, interactivity and experience of the hotel services, interpretation and dissemination of brand concept.


In the hotel business services and entertainment area, such as convenience stores, service center, flower shop, spa, health and fitness center, gift shop, newsagent, tennis court, swimming pool, living museum places, large deployment JIAWEL multimedia advertising machines. Through mds200 system managed by the managers of each terminal: in the service area of business released all kinds of guidance services and product recommendation information, provide information and attract attention the queue waiting time; in the entertainment area mainly playing music, news and information, or other editorial content, and create a good atmosphere for the experience of customer.


Information transmission and service guidelines, such as in the dining areas, play guide information, hot dishes, promotions, theme banquet, welcome words, wedding blessing and dietary culture information in the restaurant, banquet hall and a large conference room layout JIAWEL multimedia advertising machine; and in regional conference, except issued guidance information, the theme of the conference, personnel introduction, calendar and other content, through the speaker computer interface of graphics, text, tables and video images real-time content transmitted directly to the big screen display, realize functions of general meeting, report meeting function, function of speech training and even video conference function can be connected.

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