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Explanation: Major news: June 7, Beijing Jia network Broadcom Technology Co., Ltd. and Jill Barker Wade Rutter company (Fortune 500 company) in Beijing officially signed a cooperation framework agreement. Marking the two sides have reached a strategic partnership between the two sides. The two sides reached the ...
Explanation: Cocoa music line tablet information release system customization project, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement in December 2015. In May 2016, the project completed the project successfully completed the project, and successfully passed the test. So far, it has been running safely and smoothl...
Explanation: China Life Insurance (Group) company is a state of large financial and insurance companies, the company and its subsidiaries constitute China's largest state-owned financial insurance group. Business covers property insurance, life insurance, pension insurance, asset management, overseas busines...
Explanation: Meeting scheduled system, the terminal installed in front of each meeting room, the background of unified management, real-time display of the day of the meeting room reservation: the meeting began pre notice, the meeting in the end of the meeting.
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